India is the world's second largest producer in fisheries after China. It employs around 15 million people in this sector. Fisheries is a big sector in the country and around 150 lakh people are engaged in fishery activities. India occupies the first place in the world in shrimp production and it is one of the largest exporters of shrimp, putting all fisheries (capture & culture) production together the country.

Uttar Pradesh has the largest area under floodplain wetlands in India (1,52,000 ha) followed by Assam (1,00,000 ha), West Bengal (42,500 ha) and Bihar (40,000 ha). The state ranks 8th in fish production, 3rd in inland fish production, 6th in fish seed production and 7th in fishery resources. The state of Uttar Pradesh has vast and varied inland fisheries resources which are at various levels of utilization. Aquaculture has huge potential for development through both expansion and intensification. Aquaculture in UP is mainly practiced in undrainable simple excavated multi-purpose ponds. Most of these ponds are owned by the government and hence these are community common ponds and commonly called as community ponds. Out of the 1.61 lac of community ponds only 70,000 ha is presently used for aquaculture. There are huge tracts of water logged areas which are suitable for the construction of fish culture ponds and farms by the private sector

The current government of Uttar Pradesh under its fisheries policy is very keen to get this sector wings to fly and generate employment through fish production, value addition, hatcheries, fish-seed production, opening of new feed units etc. In this context, Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development along with Department of Fisheries, Government of Uttar Pradesh and with the support of National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources is organizing a three day Aquatech Expo-2018 at National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Telibagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh from December 11 to 13, 2018.


The three day exhibition will bring a large number of National and International stakeholders, entrepreneurs, farmers, policy makers, Industries, Government officials, researchers and development institutions to showcase the programs and schemes, products, technologies and services and deliberate upon the issues and opportunities.


  • Fisheries equipment Manufacturers /Exporters
  • Fisheries equipment Manufacturers /Exporters
  • Packaging Machinery, Equipment & Materials
  • Feed Manufacturing Machinery
  • Feed Storage System
  • Feeds, Feeding & Feed Additives-Vitamins
  • Fisheries Farming Consultants
  • Processing, packaging industry
  • Dealers, Distributors of Fisheries Industry
  • Cooling, Fermentation & Freezing Systems
  • Lab & Quality Testing Equipment
  • Waste Disposal Systems & Equipment
  • State & Central Govt. Department / Agencies


The three days Aquatech Expo-2018 would also bring Seminar on following topics/subjects on 13th December 2018

S.No Topic Timing
1. Registration 09:30-10:00 AM
2. Inauguration of exhibition followed by seminar 10:00-11:00 AM
3. Tea 11:00-11:15 AM
4. Shrimp culture viability, scope and policy support 11:15-12:00 AM
5. Stocking management, pond fertilization 12:00-12:45 PM
6. Seed production, marketing and supply chain management 12:45-01:30 PM
7. Lunch 01:30-02:00 PM
8. RAS system for better fish production 02:00-02:45 PM
9. Fish production through poly sheet 02:45-03:30 PM
10. Packaging and processing and preservation technologies 03:30-04:15 PM
11. Ornamental fisheries, viability and policy support 04:15-05:00 PM
12. Tea 05:00-05:15 PM
13. Concluding 05:15-05:30 PM
Lestest Update
  • Registration Closed
  • There is a change in Seminar dates. The Poultry seminar shall be organised on 11th December 2018 and Aqua Seminar on 13th December 2018
  • Registration Closed
  • There is a change in Seminar dates. The Poultry seminar shall be organised on 11th December 2018 and Aqua Seminar on 13th December 2018
  • Registration Closed